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Waiting On God

Posted by Corey Mantz on

by Corey Mantz

We often find it hard to wait.  When we go to a fast food restaurant and have to wait for our order we can find ourselves annoyed waiting an extra two minutes for our food. I remember as a child how hard it was to stare at all the Christmas presents, but not able to open them up.  We often find Waiting for something to be very frustrating. 

It seems like we have to wait for everything, whether it’s at a red light on our way to work, or at the store when we are buying our groceries.  Sometimes it is very difficult for us to wait.  Maybe it is the because we know that there are only so many minutes in a day, and when we wait it seems like time that is wasted that can never be recouped.

Yet as passionate followers of Christ, we are told to wait upon the Lord.  We are reminded throughout the Bible that God’s ways are not our ways and our thoughts are not God’s thoughts.  So why is it hard to wait for an answer from God?  Maybe it’s because of our own impatience, immaturity, or lack of trust in Him that will cause us to jump ahead of God instead of waiting and listening for His voice.

Let’s use this time of fasting to listen for God’s voice and wait for Him to answer.  Though it can be painful and frustrating at times.  I’ve found it’s always better to be in God’s plan than my own.

Psalm 130:5-6 (CEV) “With all my heart, I am waiting, Lord, for you!  I trust your promises. I wait for you more eagerly than a soldier on guard duty waits for the dawn.  Yes, I wait more eagerly than a soldier on guard duty waits for the dawn."

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